Vaping E-Juice Is Better For You Than Smoking Tobacco


Vaping is the new alternative to smoking

Recent Studies show that Vaping instead of smoking cigarettes can reduce the risk of lung cancer and prolong health according to the American Heart Association. Now please note that this doesn’t mean that vaping is good for you as it is not.

I remember as a kid people or movie stars who smoked were considered either rebels, or cool. They had that edge to them and some people aspired to be them. There wasn’t the health risks involved at that time or adds on TV telling you not to smoke. Companies were still free to run adds freely and you would see them just about anywhere. Obviously this was before the cancer push of the late 1980’s and movement against the major cigarette companies pushing adds towards kids. Once we hit the 1990’s smoking started hitting a point of not being cool and very unsafe. Adds on TV would openly attack smoking and what it will do to you long term. This was a major flip in a fairly short amount of time.

Fast forward to the 2000’s

Now I know that vaping came out long before the 2000’s and has been used in ancient cultures over our history. What did happen in the 2000’s was making it popular to those who smoke and people who wanted that edge without having to smoke tobacco. Vaping devices started to emerge and be seen around the globe. You saw a large crowd of people openly vaping in public places where smoking was not allowed. The argument was that it was vapor and not harmful secondhand smoke so you could get away with it just about anywhere. It would personally catch me off guard a lot as I would see a plume of cloud out of nowhere and expect to cough and hack from second hand smoke and then I would realize that it was just vapor.

Helping people stop smoking

Vaping is the recommended alternative to smoking. We used to have the patch and chewing gum, but with vaping it still gives you a sense and feel of smoking, but with less side effects and the ability to control the levels of nicotine through the e juice or e-liquids that you buy. If you search for some of the best e juice brands, you will see that most of them offer anywhere from 0 nicotine level up to 18mg/mL on average with small incremental jumps in-between. There are a few companies that offer much higher levels, but most vapers stick around the 3-18mg levels.

In being able to control the different levels, one can start high when they switch over from smoking and slowly work down to a low level or even a 0 level and just vape for the enjoyment of it. This is why it is so useful for people trying to quit smoking.

E-Liquid flavors

pancake-man-2With cigarettes and tobacco, you were very limited to flavors and options. You had tobacco, menthol, or if you smoked pipe, you could add in hints of vanilla and cherry along with a few other options.

Now with vaping, it is an open ball field. There are cereal flavors of vape liquid out there that taste nothing like tobacco and exactly like the cereal it was created to mimic. It is a little creepy how close it tastes to be honest.

You can still get traditional tobacco flavors, but there is no limit to the variety and choices you have in vaping. Every day they are coming out with a new creation. They even have pancake flavored e-juices for a breakfast vape. Anything you can think of and they either have it, or are working on it in a factory right now. Even Nerd’s candy is replicated into a vaping liquid.

The future of vaping

Vaping does have a big question mark in it’s near future when it comes to the manufacturing of e-liquids. The FDA is starting to dig it’s hands into how to control and regulate vaping manufacturing as we speak. Currently there are little to no regulations at all as it is still so new. But as anything goes, the government is dipping their hands into it. I am not completely against it as they will be demanding companies to show what productions are in their juices and where they are made. Right now, we really have no idea and they could be putting anything in the liquids. Let’s just hope that they don’t regulate so hard that we lose most of the companies and are limited to only a few big ones.

As far as I can see, vaping will continue to grow a lot over the next 10 years. Companies like Vape Liquid Reviews concurs on this outlook and hopes to continue to grow and help its wide range of customers enjoy their favorite liquids at discounted rates. Let’s hope they are right!

Let us know if you vape and where you see it heading in the future!




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