The Secrets To The Law Of Prosperity

How Do We Use The Law Of Attraction To Get More Out Of Life?

The law of attraction is all around us, but few understand how it effects their lives. In recent years LOA has become all the rage, and just about everyone thinks they understand it. In reality, few people know that the law of attraction is actually based on the law of vibration. In essence, the universe is an ocean of motion, therefore to be successful you must get in harmony with this vibration. Studies show that the type of energy you put out into the universe directly effects the results you get in the real world. For example, if you are a very positive person you will find yourself surrounding by other positive people. People with positive energy will be naturally attracted to you, while negativity we be repelled away from you. On the flip side, those with negative energy will be naturally attracted to similar people. Now, you may be asking, what does this have to do with the law of vacuum prosperity?

Briefly stated, the law of vacuum prosperity refers to the processing of giving away items and possessions. Anytime you give away something in your life you are making space for something new. Think of it this way, there’s only so much room in your garage for storage and junk. Whenever you give something away, you will notice a space opens up. The universe does not like open spaces so usually something will move in to fill the void. Basically, when you give something away you are clearing room for something better to come into your life. I have used this law many times in my life with extraordinary results. If you have been studying success and development, but are not seeing the results you would like, then maybe this is your problem? I recommend everyone who is struggling to manifest success and prosperity in their life needs to make a big change. This change can be anything including moving or even selling the majority of your belongings. In Feng Shui they talk about all items having a certain energy to them. If an item is in your house taking up space, but doesn’t contribute to your overall well being then maybe it should be removed. In the process of removing this item you are removing the energy, and opening up a “portal” for new energy to flow through.

How Do I Start?

The first step to using the secret law of attraction is to take inventory of the items you currently have. Decide which items you can’t live without and separate them from the pack. These items will include things like family keepsakes and other indispensable items that have sentimental value. Now, take an evening to study all the items you have that you no longer have an attachment too. Think about this, How would your life be different if all these items were suddenly gone? Does that make you scared or do you get a tingle of excitement down your leg? If your excited for a possible change then go ahead and start boxing these items up for removal. Bob Proctor says that these types of items should not be sold, but instead simply given away. The reason for this is because if you sell the items, you will have already received payment for them. If you simply give away the items then your payment will come in another form. What form might this be? It’s impossible to say for sure, but if your doing affirmations daily it will probably be something really good. At the end of the day you need to decide if the vacuum law of prosperity is your missing link to wealth and success. If so, study this concept in great detail and apply it to your life.

Further Education

If you would like to further your education on the law or attracting abundance in your life, I would definitely suggest trying Bob Proctor’s streaming club. This weekly live program can help you further your education and create a better life through knowledge and understanding on how the law works in your life.


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