All attendees will be searched. This is a clean, safe, family-oriented, tattoo convention & concert. Sheriffs Department will be present and enforcing rules so everyone can enjoy themselves.

This is an ALL AGES show. A child under 7 will be admitted free of charge with an accompanying a paid adult ticket. When it comes to your children, take an active role. There MAY be subject matter that you deem inappropriate for your child, you MAY deem the music hall to be to loud for your child.

Current California tattooing laws prohibit: (1) anyone tattooing minors (under age 18), (2) any minor from getting tattoo. Sheriffs Department will be present to enforce this law.

Current California piercing laws allow minors (above age 16) to get body piercing with written parental consent. Sheriffs Department will be present to enforce this law.

There will be a variety of food and beverages available, beer 21+ with ID, and bathrooms.

NO Patches or Colors
NO Knives / Weapons Etc.
NO Chains / Chain Wallets
NO Blankets
NO Outside Food & Bev
NO Refunds Or Exchanges
NO Chairs
NO Video Cameras
NO Audio Recording Devices
NO Ins and Outs
NO Professional Cameras
NO Pets
NO Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
NO Instruments
NO Camelbaks
NO Tents
NO Flags
NO Bota Bags
NO Stuffed Animals

OK Lighters
OK Cell Phones
OK Cigarettes
OK All Ages Welcome
OK Ages 7 & Under Free
OK Fanny Packs
OK Digital Cameras (Non-Pro)
OK Disposable Cameras
OK Film Cameras (Non-Pro)
OK Hats
OK Sun Block
OK Sunglasses
OK Cigarettes
OK Small Beach Towel

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